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Martin Z. Mollusk Predicts Early Summer in Ocean City

Martin Z. Mollusk Predicts Early Summer in Ocean City


Sunny days in Ocean City are coming. At least that is what one very crusty crustacean thinks. Martin Z. Mollusk, the city’s beloved hermit crab mascot, made a bold prediction that summer would be arriving early.

Yes, for the 51st consecutive year, the city’s mascot “saw” his shadow on Friday, none other than Martin Z. Mollusk Day. That means summer will be here exactly one week earlier than normal.

Martin Z. Mollusk Day is the city’s take on Groundhog Day. Tourists and residents alike gathered on the Ninth Street beach by the Music Pier to watch the zany spectacle.

Anticipation was building.

An Ocean City Fire Department EMT checked the hermit crab’s vitals to make sure he was “fit for duty.”

“Blood pressure is good!” emcee and local meteorologist “Nor’easter” Nick Pittman enthusiastically informed the crowd. “I guess he doesn’t have a diet of salt. His shell is dense!”

Then Pittman asked Mike Allegretto, aide to Mayor Jay Gillian, to determine if the crustacean indeed saw his shadow. Of course the answer was yes.

A firefighter EMT checks the vitals of Martin Z. Mollusk. (Photo courtesy of Ocean City and Kerri Janto)

To that, children from the city’s recreation program, Little Rec’ers, who had front row seats to the silliness, appeared to enjoy it wholeheartedly with clapping, giggling and even dancing.

And despite overcast skies, there was just enough light, albeit it with a little help from a flashlight, for Martin Z. Mollusk to see his shadow and keep his perfect early summer prediction record intact.

In addition to the wacky ceremony, was some music by String Band Novelties and Cape Shore Chorus Sweet Adelines.

Little Rec’ers dance merrily around during the silly event.

Kelly Hudak and her children enjoy the goofy event.

The string band serenades the crowd.

The crowd awaits the start of the zany display.