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Ocean City Has Some Of NJ’s Cleanest Air, Study Says

Ocean City Has Some Of NJ's Cleanest Air, Study Says

Veronica Flesher, Patch Staff

Take a deep breath in and enjoy the smell of salt air, freshly-made funnel cakes or any other scents you find synonymous with Ocean City. Just know that while you’re doing so, you’re breathing in some of the cleanest air in New Jersey.

A new study by MyBioSource examined air quality in popular vacation destinations across the country. By analyzing recent Air Quality Index (AQI) data, the study determined that, unsurprisingly, the cleanest air of all is found in Hawaii and Alaska, where AQI readings go as low as ten.

But in New Jersey, Ocean City has the second-cleanest air for vacationers. The average AQI here is 46, according to the study. It just barely falls behind Wildwood, with an AQI of 45.

This summer hasn’t been a great one for clean air on the East Coast, with smoke from Canadian wildfires bringing poor air and occasional orange-y skies with it.

“While we acknowledge the growing air quality challenges across many parts of the U.S., it’s heartening to see nature-rich havens providing a refreshing break for our citizens,” a spokesperson from MyBioSource said. “This study underscores the incredible value of maintaining and cherishing our pristine environments, reminding us that clean air is not only a boon for our health, but also a key attraction of our beautiful vacation spots.”

So while you’re sitting on the beach this summer, make sure you take an extra deep breath in and enjoy some of the cleanest air in New Jersey.