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Improvements Coming To Ocean City: City Council

Improvements Coming To Ocean City: City Council

By Veronica Flesher, Patch Staff

A new jitney service and pickleball court upgrades were announced at a recent Ocean City Council meeting.

The jitney service will transport people to the Boardwalk and downtown, Mayor Jay Gillian said at the meeting. There will be an application where riders can pay a small fee to ride and also track the location of the jitney so they do not have to wait on the curb, Gillian said.

The jitney will go from 55th Street and West Avenue down to 14th Street and the end of the Boardwalk, said Business Administrator and Municipal Engineer George Savastano. He said there would be four to five jitneys running and the Boardwalk route would run seven days a week from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Savastano added that there would be a route heading downtown Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, heading to Asbury Avenue. The downtown route will run 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. All rides for both routes cost $2.

The jitney service is a pilot program, Dan Kelchner, Ocean City’s director of community service, emphasized. More information will become available in the future. He added that there is a lot of flexibility and potential to add dates to the downtown route.

The purpose of the jitney service is to help with summertime parking issues.

Gillian also announced more soundproofing being added to the pickleball courts on 18th Street.

Also planned are upgrades to the bathrooms and resurfacing of the pickleball courts, Gillian said. There will also be a traffic study completed at the courts.