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Mayor Gillian’s Update on Trash and Recycling Pickup Delays

Mayor Gillian's Update on Trash and Recycling Pickup Delays

July 11, 2019
Dear Friends,
By now, I’m sure you are all aware that there have been major delays to our trash and recycling pickup schedule.
I want you to know that the city team is aware of the problem and is working as quickly as possible to resolve it.
With so many people in town for the Fourth of July and the weekend, the waste volume has been exceptionally high. Our waste management contractor staffed routes consistent with past years but was unable to respond to the dramatically increased amount of trash and recycling.
The administration is doing everything in its power to compel the company to meet its contractual obligations. The company will add trucks today, tomorrow and Saturday until the fleet reaches near double the size it was earlier this week.
If you are among those whose trash and recycling was not picked up, please leave it at curbside as we work to catch up. I understand your frustration with the delays in service and the importance of having reliable contractors. I can assure you that we will review this performance as we work to make sure this type of situation does not occur again.
Warm regards,
Jay A. Gillian