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Ocean City Gets Boardwalk Ready For Visitors

Ocean City Gets Boardwalk Ready For Visitors


The Boardwalk is an amenity that is not in every shore town. And in Ocean City, the 2.5 miles of boards make for the ideal location for strolling, shopping, biking, running, and just getting on and off the beaches.

But all of that traffic gives the boards a beating. The city has continued to maintain and repair the Boardwalk to make sure that it continues to be the shining gem that attracts throngs of visitors to the resort each spring and summer.

What that means is a lot of repairs and replacement of boards in the offseason.

Ocean City employee Michael Collins repairs some boards.

This week, city workers were busy repairing boards, pulling them up, replacing them, and just making sure that they are firmly in place, explained Michael Allegretto, an aide to Mayor.

“Certainly, we are back to having the crews checking every day to keep the Boardwalk in great shape for the residents and visitors,” Allegretto said in an interview with “Every spring, we go back and paint the lines as well, so that people know which places to walk, jog and ride their bikes through the season.”

The Boardwalk is Ocean City’s most heavily visited manmade attraction, with shops, amusements, restaurants, and other amenities. It spans 2.5 miles from St. James Place to 23rd Street.

The new boards are easy to identify.

Throughout the spring and summer and into the fall, crowds pack the Boardwalk. There are the strollers, runners, bikers, and beachgoers who go on and off the boards countless times in a day.

Allegretto said that the city crews do a thorough inspection of the Boardwalk to replace and repair the boards in time for the tourists.

A major Boardwalk reconstruction project was completed in 2018. It resulted in a facelift from Fifth to 12th Streets at a cost of about $10 million.

The city has been doing periodic maintenance of the wood deck, replacing two blocks of the Boardwalk, where needed, Allegretto said.

The photo shows the transition from the old Boardwalk deck to the new deck at 18th Street during installation over the winter.

Ever since the major project to redeck the Boardwalk through 12th Street was completed, workers have continued to move south with redecking projects.

Every year, the city tries to refurbish a one or two-block section outside of the commercial zone.

In the winter, new boards were installed from 18th through 20th streets.

“Right now, we are just checking other parts throughout the Boardwalk for any loose boards or any that need to be replaced,” Allegretto explained of the latest work. “If you go up there this time of year, you will notice lots of new boards because we are getting ready for the spring and summer season.”

Workers get ready to paint the lines to delineate between bike and jogging lanes.