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Ocean City Timeline On Beach Replenishment Project

Ocean City Timeline On Beach Replenishment Project

By Josh Bakan, Patch Staff

Mayor Jay Gillian announced a rough timeline for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ beach replenishment project that affects Ocean City. Three Jersey Shore towns, including Ocean City, are part of the $32.5 million project.

Here is the preliminary schedule:

  • Later this month, crews will begin to pump sand from a Corson’s Inlet borrow area to the Strathmere beaches.
  • Work will then turn to southern Ocean City, with the renourishment of beaches and dunes from 45th Street to Corson’s Inlet State Park likely to take place in January and February.
  • Mobilization for work at the north end from the Seaview Road groin to 12th Street in Ocean City is scheduled to start in April.
  • Pumping is expected to begin May 1 from a Great Egg Harbor Inlet borrow area.
  • Officials expect the project completed by early June.

Two blocks of beach at a time will be closed as the project moves from north to south. In the meantime, Ocean City plans to add geotubes around 4th Street and 5th Street as part of this project.