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State Renews Ocean City’s Island-wide Dredging Permit

State Renews Ocean City’s Island-wide Dredging Permit


State regulators have renewed a dredging permit for Ocean City’s bay waters, including both private and public areas, for another five years. The current permit will expire in April 2023, and the renewal will extend the permit until 2028.

This unprecedented island-wide approach to dredging is a key element to Ocean City’s sustainable program, according to a city news release.

Before the all-inclusive permit was first issued five years ago, the city, individual property owners and condominium associations faced a hodgepodge of current and expired permits.

“I want to thank ACT Engineers for their work in securing and renewing this essential permit,” Mayor Jay Gillian said of the city’s environmental consultant. “This will continue our commitment to maintaining our lagoons and back bays. Like the beach, the back bay is a valuable asset that benefits the whole community.”

The renewal process required each individual applicant to spend time, pay permit fees and navigate a lot of red tape. A tip-to-tip maintenance dredging permit from the state Department of Environmental Protection had never before been issued.

The permit will allow Ocean City to continue its maintenance dredging program beyond this winter. It will also allow private owners to dredge at their own expense without having to go through an individual permitting process, according to the release.