Current News and Events


Although no one is happy with the current state of affairs, there is a bright spot on the horizon. I want to personally thank the staff and agents of Fox Real Estate at this time of need for coming together and making the best out of a very trying situation. Fox Real Estate is complying with the recommendations of our government and healthcare officials and will not be opening our doors to the public. Here comes the good part. The Fox Support Personnel and the Fox Agents like usual are using their ingenuity to solve the logistical problem that this presents. As of tomorrow from 10 am to 4 pm Monday through Saturday both the 894 Brighton Place and the 33rd and Asbury Avenue office will have (1) full staffing of our accounting staff (yes- that means the checks will continue to be processed along with all of the other important things that they do will continue without interruption). (2) Our receptionists will be answering the phones so you will be getting a “live” person on the line when you call (I HATE getting those automated whatever they are systems !!!). (3) Most of our Rental Agents will be working remotely but thanks to our “Techie” people they will have the ability to access the info that they need to check things that are in the Fox database. (4) In addition, there will be one live Rental Agent with the receptionist that will be available for assistance in the event that your agent is not immediately available. (5) Our Sale Agents that seem to always be available 24/7 through their cellphones are still committed to the same level of service that you come to expect as the Fox Norm.
But please we need your help during these trying times. First, please use email to communicate as much as possible. Most of the questions that we are experiencing pertain to rental weeks that are months away. You can find contact information regarding all of our agents by visiting the Fox Website, click on Fox Info and click on Agents/Staff. Secondly, please remember that some of the information that is needed must come from other sources. For example, Fox is not the provider of Travel Insurance. If you have a question about your Travel Insurance please call the phone number that is on your policy. Additionally, since our office personnel is limited if your call goes to voicemail either leave a message for a callback or simply hang up and call back in five minutes. These are truly trying times that we will get through. We have never experienced a situation like this before but we beat 911 and we beat Sandy and we will beat the Coronavirus. Let’s unite together as we all do as Americans in this time of crisis. I truly believe that by the time the Summer of 2020 is here, we will all be enjoying the Beach, Boardwalk, and Downtown with our Families like we always have, making more memories for our grandchildren to tell their grandchildren. God Bless !!!