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Ocean City Trash and Recycling Information

Ocean City Trash and Recycling Information

The summer trash and recycling collection schedule is (starting in mid-June and ending on the Saturday following the first Monday in September):

• Longport Bridge to north end of 9th Street Monday and Thursday (yard waste Thursday)
• South side of 9th Street to north side of 28th Street, Tuesday and Friday (yard waste Tuesday)
• South side of 28th Street to 59th Street, Wednesday and Saturday (yard waste Wednesday)

The winter trash and recycling collection schedule:
• Monday is south side of 34th to 59th Streets
• Tuesday is south side of 17th to north side of 34th Streets
• Wednesday is south side of 9th to north side of 17th Streets
• Thursday is south side of 3rd to north side of 9th Streets
• Friday is Longport Bridge to north side of 3rd Streets

City ordinance limits trash/recycling/yard waste containers to 32 gallons and no heavier than 50 lbs, they must also have a lid. Recycling and yard waste containers must have labels on them. All recyclable glass, plastic, tin, cardboard, and paper can be placed out for collection in the same container. Yard Waste is grass clippings, leaves, trimmings from prunings and branches that are less than 4 feet in length and bundled. See “When Is Trash Collection” above for a weekly pickup schedule. Please place your yard waste in Kraft paper bags that can be purchased at the local hardware stores or supermarkets or in containers that are properly marked “Yard Waste.” Stickers can be obtained at City Hall, the Knight Building at 11th and Haven, and at the Ocean City Airport.

One bulk item is permitted per trash day.
Items Permitted:
SINKS & TOILETS: Sink and Toilet are trash items and can be put out for regular trash. Sink bases should be disposed of at the Cape May County dump .
PAINT: Must be dried. Cat litter can be used to dry up paint, then double bag the cans and place in the trash for pick up. Must be less than 50lb.s
MATTRESSES: Box Spring and Mattress is considered one bulk item and can be put out on your regular trash day
CARPET: Must be cut into 4 foot bundles, limit of 6 bundles per pick up day
HOUSE FURNITURE: One piece of furniture per trash day.
EXERCISE EQUIPMENT: One piece per trash day.

For White Goods Pick Up, please call (609) 399-6111 ext. 9710 to schedule for the 1st or 3rd Wednesday of each month. All items must be called in prior to pick up.
BICYCLES: Tires must be taken off and only the metal will be picked up.
GRILLS: Propane tanks must be detached from the grill
HOT WATER HEATERS: Must be drained of all water
LAWN MOWERS: All fluids must be drained such as gas and oil
REFRIGERATORS/FREEZERS: Doors must be taken off or taped securely for safety.
STOVES/TELEVISIONS: Must be over 50lbs and over 3 feet wide. If smaller, please take to Shelter Road.

The following covered electronic devices (CED’S) must be recycled:
These items are no longer permitted to be placed out for trash collection and/or included in your trash pickup.
CED’s should be taken to the Ocean City Recycling Center located at 1 Shelter Road to be properly disposed of.
*Arrangements can be made for the pickup of CED’s that are over 50lbs in weight and 4’ feet in width.

Shelter Road Recycling Center: Located on Shelter Road just off of Tennessee Avenue:
Summer Hours:
Memorial Day through Columbus Day: Monday through Saturday 8am to 3pm
Winter Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9am to 3pm
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day
Accepted Materials for drop-off at Shelter Road:
(ID required, loads can be inspected, out of town homeowners should present utility or tax bill)
Residents and Home Owners Only:
GRASS CLIPPINGS & LEAVES: All other vegetative waste is allowed. NO sand or dirt.
BRUSH: Tree Branches, limbs, stumps, tree trunks, shrubs, and old firewood no longer than 10′ in length.
CONCRETE: Cement Brick Blocks are accepted. No metal posts or rebar.
TIRES: Can be on or off the rims, must be less than 12″ wide across the tread and less than 4′ in height
Residents, Home Owners, Business AND Contractors:
SCRAP METAL: Less than 20′ in length (no paint cans, wood, plastic, glass, hazardous waste, or electronic waste in scrap metal container)
SMALL ENGINES: Only accepted with all fluids removed.
MIXED PAPER: Cardboard, Newspaper, Office Paper, Pizza Boxes.
COMINGLED CONTAINERS: Glass, Aluminum, Tin and Plastic food and beverage containers (Plastic #1 through #7 up to 2 ½ gallons).
RIGID PLASTICS: Hard rigid plastic items, not wrap or siding.
ELECTRONICS: Covered Electronic Devices (CED’s) Computers, Monitors, Laptops, Televisions.
Prohibited Material:
Trash, garbage, wood, construction debris, oil, antifreeze, car parts, or motors, batteries, paints, thinners, pesticides or their containers, any hazardous waste and white goods .
**FOR SAFETY, children must remain in vehicle at all times.**