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Vacationers Chill Out on Ocean City Beaches

Vacationers Chill Out on Ocean City Beaches


There was one way to beat the heat Saturday, especially for residents and visitors from mainland communities.

They headed to Ocean City’s beaches to lounge, stroll along the water’s edge, or better still, jump in the ocean — where the water was around 75 degrees — compared to the air temps hovering around the mid-80s at the shore and the 90s inland.

Margie Becker, of Doylestown, Pa., and her family came down Saturday to start their weeklong vacation.

“We have been coming to Ocean City for 30 years,” Becker said. “It’s a lot hotter at home and we are expecting a big storm there. It’s great being in town tonight.”

Riley Browne, 9, of Doylestown, Pa., and her cousin, Gabby Becker, 5, of Chalfont, Pa., play in the sand.

Becker, her daughter, Mary Browne, of Doylestown, Pa., and daughter-in-law, Sara Becker, of Chalfont, Pa., watched as Riley Browne, 9, and her 5-year-old cousin, Gabby Becker, made sandcastles.

“They’ve been in the water and digging in the sand all morning,” Browne noted of the kids.

Sara summed up her impression of the beach day with family during the last predicted day of a four-day heat wave.

“It is very relaxing,” she said.

Crowds flocked to the city’s beaches. Beach umbrellas dotted the landscape, along with pop-up tents and cabanas to escape the sun’s rays.

Bill Holmes, owner of Buddy’s Ice Cream, made stops at Ocean City’s beach ends Saturday.

“Business has been steady,” he said.

And with good reason, for anyone who wasn’t parked at the shoreline.

Dan Vanaman, of Magnolia, N.J., buys some frozen treats to keep cool.

Dan Vanaman, 22, of Magnolia, N.J., waited in line at the Buddy’s Ice Cream truck for some cool treats to bring back to his family on the beach.

“It definitely helps a bit,” Vanaman said of the sorbets in cones.

Vanaman said his family decided to come down for the day.

“We are trying to get to the beach a few times before summer is over,” he said.

While many visitors couldn’t wait to soak up the sun beach side, others took to the bay for some watercraft excitement.

Ricky Good, of Vineland, and his brother, Joey Good, of Deptford, keep cool on the bay.

Ricky Good, of Vineland, and his brothers, Joey, of Deptford, and Kevin, of Vineland, found the best way to cool off was to keep moving on their WaveRunners at Corson’s Inlet State Park.

“It’s a little choppy, but it is definitely enjoyable,” Ricky said.

The Goods were with their friend, Dennis Morrison, of Glendora, N.J., who brought along his daughter, Jaidyn Heslin, 9, for an afternoon on the water.

“We had a great time. It was definitely a lot cooler on the water,” Morrison said as he got some help from his daughter bringing in their WaveRunner.

“I had fun,” Jaidyn said. “But I like the beach the best.”

Dennis Morrison, of Glendora, N.J., gets a little help from his 9-year-old daughter, Jaidyn Heslin, bringing in their WaveRunner.