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Mosaic Work Highlights Ocean City Arts Center May Exhibit

Mosaic Work Highlights Ocean City Arts Center May Exhibit

Veronica Flesher, Patch Staff

The works of a local glass mosaic artist will be on display in May at the Gallery at the Ocean City Arts Center.

Mosaics by Jill Snyder opens May 2 and runs through May 30. A “Meet the Artists” reception will be held on Friday, May 10 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.. The Gallery is located in the Ocean City Arts Center, 1735 Simpson Ave., 2nd Floor.

Snyder is a glass mosaic artist. Her artwork varies from still life, landscape, animal portraits and beyond. Born in Philadelphia, Snyder is now a full time Margate resident. Unlike many of the artists who have their works displayed in galleries, Snyder’s art degree is in Liberal Arts followed by a law degree from Villanova Law School. Snyder went on to practice law as a trial attorney for thirty years. She was involved in the corporate world but in 2016 made the decision to “somewhat” retire. She now devotes her time to her art.

Snyder’s artistic career is quick study. She signed up for an art class in November of 2016 to find inner peace and the rest has been a whirlwind scenario. Within 6 months of starting her mosaics she was in her first gallery. Snyder devotes her art solely to mosaics but not in the traditional manner. She describes her mosaics as “painting with glass.”

Within a short period of time, Snyder has become a juried artist and has received awards for her mosaics. She is a resident artist at the Riverfront Residence and teaches mosaics in Margate, Millville and at the Arts Center. She shares her joy and love of mosaics with others in classes and workshops.

Artist statement:

Sometimes art is a hobby, sometimes it is a passion. Sometimes it is an outlet to allow the creative part of your brain to run free and express itself. Each piece of my art is an original artistic creation which is completed with a palette of glass. The art is “painted “ using hand cut pieces of glass to create a final work.

I look at mosaics similar to playing chess or preparing a legal arguments. You plan out your end goal and then figure out your moves, your arguments, each required fact. I believe this training has allowed me to approach mosaics differently. In mosaics you need to think backwards, from your end result back to the beginning. What am I trying to achieve? What will this piece convey? Mosaics is a combination of heart, art and planning!