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Restaurants Open Christmas Day And Christmas Eve 2022 In Ocean City

Restaurants Open Christmas Day And Christmas Eve 2022 In Ocean City

By Veronica Flesher, Patch Staff

Not everyone in Ocean City wants to spend hours preparing a Christmas feast, some families are on the road and others with holiday vacations coming up are looking for restaurants open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Most restaurants are closed on Christmas Day, but plenty also stay open for business to serve those who don’t celebrate the holiday or who would rather focus on their family and friends rather than cooking an elaborate, multi-course meal.

The Tuckahoe Inn in Marmora is open from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day.

The Crab Trap in Somers Point will be open for Christmas, according to Yelp.

The Seaview Hotel in Galloway will be offering brunch and a dinner menu on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

These restaurants, ranging from fast-food to fine dining, and coffee shops are open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, unless otherwise noted. Some restaurants prepare multicourse meals for pickup; others have dine-in options; and others offer food and coffee on the go.

Make sure you call ahead for a reservation and to confirm hours at Ocean City area locations. Some restaurants may offer limited hours.

The list below includes information compiled by Good HousekeepingParadePioneer WomanTravellers Quest and Woman’s Day.

Applebee’s (Christmas Eve only)
Buffalo Wild Wings
Burger King
Domino’s Pizza Delivery
Outback Steakhouse (Christmas Eve only)
Starbucks Coffee Co.
Taco Bell (Christmas Eve only)