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Visitors Delight in Ocean City Beach Day

Visitors Delight in Ocean City Beach Day


City Boardwalk bustled with activity and the beaches were packed with visitors taking advantage of sun-splashed skies, balmy temps and cool ocean water.

Emily Spencer, 19, of Southampton, N.J., brought her friends, Kendall Beckey, 19, of Tabernacle, N.J., and Tori Groves, 19, of Southampton, N.J., on Spencer’s family vacation to Ocean City for the week.

“It’s only an hour ride to Ocean City, but somehow, the sun feels so much better here,” Spencer said with a laugh as the friends lounged in a spot at Eighth Street beach. “It is very family-friendly and there is a lot to do.”

Beckey took it all in.

“The breeze feels good off the water,” she said. “But the water was freezing.”

When asked why the trio didn’t pick a spot closer to the water’s edge, Grove replied matter-of-factly, “Honestly, it was the only spot we could find.”

Sunny skies and warm temperatures attract big crowds to the beach.

Visitors lined up to buy beach tags. Surfers enjoyed some waves at 7th Street beach and others dipped in the chilly waters. While some beachgoers made sand art or played in the sand.

Lifeguards at Eighth Street beach Matt Oves and Thatcher Hamill stood watch, at times signaling to bathers to stay between the green flags.

Many beachgoers from the 7th Street beach looking south used umbrellas to shield themselves from the constant sun. Temperatures were in the high 80s with a slight breeze in the early afternoon.

“The water is calm today. The tide is going out around 4:30 p.m. It should be a good day,” said Matt Oves from his stand.

Lifeguards Matt Oves, right, and Thatcher Hamill keep watch.

He and fellow lifeguard, Thatcher Hamill, were busy keeping watch over the many bathers wading and swimming in the ocean.

“The water temp today is 63 degrees,” Oves noted. “It’s cold.”

The water has been unseasonably cold over the last couple of weeks.

Oves explained it has to do with an upwell effect. Swells churn up cold water and it goes to the top. It takes a while for the water to warm.

Sonya and Mike Daley, of Chalfont, Pa, brought their daughters, Sophrina, 10, and 6-year-old, Lyra, for a vacation with their cousins, Tyler Hull, 10, and his sister, 12-year-old Madelynn, of Bangor, Pa.

“We took all of the kids and Tyler and Madelynn’s parents will be joining us,” Sonya Daley noted. “The kids haven’t seen each other in a while, so when we picked them up Friday night, they were so excited. Today is a beautiful beach day.”

Sonya and Mike Daley, of Chalfont, Pa., with their children and niece and nephew, counterclockwise, Sophrina Daley and sister, Lyra, and Tyler Hull and his sister, Madelynn, of Bangor, Pa. enjoy digging in the sand.

The kids seemed to be having a great time digging a hole in the sand that they all seemed rather comfortable in and very busy.

“We are looking for sand crabs,” exclaimed Lyra, who pulled one carefully out of her bucket to proudly display, before she put it back in the sand.

“It’s their first day on the beach for our vacation so they are excited,” Sonya added.

As for Mike, he was helping the kids dig in the sand, while Sonya watched in amusement.

But shortly before that, he took a swim.

“It’s pretty chilly. But it’s still really nice,” Mike said of his quick dip. “Ocean City is one of our favorite family spots for the summer.”

Swimmers and boogie boarders enjoy the water.

Sand art at Eighth Street beach.

Surfers await the waves.